CPO Vehicles

Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle can take some of the risk out of a used car–but do you know exactly what a certified pre-owned vehicle is? Almost every automaker offers such a program wherein lightly used vehicles–often two- or three-year old models fresh off leases–are inspected, refurbished, and sold with a manufacturer-backed warranty. Not every program is equal, and some provide more perks than others. To help, we've compiled this collection of advice to help you navigate this often confusing subset of used car buying.

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Pros and Cons of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Deals

Here are the costs, benefits, and downsides of CPO programs, including warranties, predelivery inspections, and pricing.

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Here's Every Automaker's CPO Program
Compare manufacturer CPO deals, warranties, and maintenance plans with this guide to all certified pre-owned vehicle programs from Acur…
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Is CPO the Way to Go? 10 FAQs Answered
How much cheaper are CPOs versus new cars? What kinds of perks are included? Get answers to these and other FAQs about certified pre-ow…
New Vehicles
8 Reasons to Go CPO, 2 Reasons for Caution
Big-time warranty coverage may be the most compelling reason of all to consider a certified pre-owned vehicle, but there is a lot more …
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Benefits of Buying a CPO Vehicle

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The Good Things You Get with a CPO Vehicle

Before you purchase your next car, consider all the benefits a CPO program offers.

Apr 30, 2019
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CPO Cars and Trucks Can Offer Longevity for Less

With automaker-backed warranties and a lot of life left to live, CPO vehicles can extend owners’ peace of mind.

Jul 31, 2018
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Five Reasons CPO Vehicles Can Be Smart Buys

Odds are you’re buying a used car that should be trouble-free for years to come.

May 1, 2018
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5 Unexpected Extras You Can Get with a CPO Vehicle

Lower-rate financing is just one benefit. Learn about some of the lesser-known perks included with some manufacturers' CPO vehicles.

May 1, 2017
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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspections Explained
What actually gets inspected when you're buying a certified pre-owned vehicle? The checklists range in length from 100-plus items to Au…
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The Top 10 Points in a CPO Inspection
Here are some of the most important things your local auto maintenance shop might miss, and why you should consider going through a rep…
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5 Reasons a CPO Vehicle May Be Right for You

For starters, they're cheaper than buying new and CPO vehicles still have a lot of life in them.

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How Can I Save Money on a Used Car Right Now?
Some things can't wait until social distancing rules and lockdown orders are lifted. If you're ready to buy now, you have lots of optio…
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